Sunday, July 20, 2008

The way I see it...

Lttle bit of a setback this week. My cardio was getting worse and the point that even short periods of strenuous exercise left me huffing and puffing. The last straw was when I went windsurfing on Thursday, and after only 20 minutes or so I was completely out of breath. My heart was pounding to the point where I was scared, and I just put the rig down and rested a few minutes before sailing in.

I went and saw my oncologist, who sent me to the respiratory clinic. They determined my lungs were only about 80% efficient in dispersing oxygen (no surprise there). Doc then sent me off to get a chest x-ray, which was clear (side note: someone at Tripler had TB and exposed about 1000 people to it, I was one of far all tests have been negative). Finally I went in on Friday for a hi-res CAT scan.

When the senior doc (an Army O6, who according to the staff knows more about chemo than just about anyone) calls you on a Saturday, you know something is up. He looked at my CAT scan and sure enough there is something in my lower lungs. In the words of Arnold, "it's not a tumor!". Could be just a regular lung infection; could be something else (like a fungal infection, or some other lung issue) It ain't tumorous mets, which would have been very bad, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

So chemo treatment #9 is off for now until they figure out what it is. Tomorrow I go back to the respiratory clinic to go into isolation...hopefully just for the afternoon. I'm thinking it's just some lung infection that they can treat with antibiotics and get me back in battery rikki-tik. I'll be sure to post more on this Monday night (Tuesday AM for you East coast folks).