Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weds 7/30: Back on Track

It was a close call this morning. My bloodwork was still low; in particular my white blood cell count. The lab had to do a "manual count" of my white cells as the machine count was borderline. In the end my oncologist had to approve the treatment as it was right at the minimum threshold. I got the drugs; and am back on track (offset by a few days). Already I can feel the difference of treatment without oxaliplatin. The sensitivity to cold has abated in my hands and mouth; about the only vestige of it remains a tingling sensation or numbness in my feet if I'm up on them for more than an hour or so.

I'll get my chemo pump (5-FU) pulled on Friday; hopefully by early next week I'll be back on the exercise schedule. August marks six months since having surgery and thus will begin my proper strength training routine. Hopefully the lung damage from the oxaliplatin will begin to heal itself as well so I can regain some of my cardio strength.

For the next few days it'll be the usual post-treatment regime; watching sports on TV and light work around the house. So far I've completed two of the three room redecorations; The office (was the play room, painted over the old dark wood and moved the office desk in):

Catherine's room (princess theme) was the old office adjacent to the lanai, and got a complete girlie makeover (still need to put up the butterfly border):