Thursday, October 30, 2008

LIMDU update, post-chemo PFA, Surfing, Music...

My annual flight physical last week counted for the physical evaluation board. My health was unremarkably good, normal everything, still 20/20 vision and hearing nearly as good as a dog. It's also time for the fall PFA (physcial fitness asessment, the twice-a-year test every sailor does to ensure they are in shape).

Even though I'm still officially on limited duty I decided to take the PFA anyway. My surgeon has forbidden me from doing sit-ups as there is too much risk of herniating my stoma. Thus I received a waiver from the sit-up portion of the PFA (and gave up my goal of 100 sit-ups in 2 minutes by November). The PFA was on Tuesday, which coincided with two things: one of my days off, and a nice hazy zero-wind day for surfing. Well, I couldn't pass that up. I surfed for about two hours until a tiger showed up, which I took for a signal to go in. The lifeguard told me he's a regular and they see him whenever they go shooting fish out by the buoy. Anyhow, I cleaned up, put on my official Navy PT uniform (blech) and headed out for the PFA. 72 push-ups and a 12:14 mile-and-a-half later I was done. I really wanted to run in the 11s, and I think I could have easily done so if I hadn't gone surfing, but no regrets there. I easily passed with decent numbers, 7 weeks after my last chemo treatment. Not bad.

I've had a chance to get in the shop and work on some new projects; a surfboard I hope to have finished by Christmas (for Angelyne) and a nice double-bend paddle for surfing stand-up style. I also made some racks to organize my boards, which came out nice. It's good to be working with my hands again.

Finally, with halloween here, ghouls and ghosts abound. Lots of good scary movies on. With that in mind, here is some....GWAR! GWAR! GWAR!
(WARNING: Seriously bizarre content)