Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday Music, Tuesday edition

I've been slacking for the last month with my blog updates. Between my new work schedule and my free time now actually being free (rather than being "chemo time") I've been keeping busy. Anyhow, here is your Monday Music, Rock Band edition.

Rock Band is the best video game ever. Rather than sitting on the couch blasting aliens, it involved playing along with some of my favorite music. The drum kit is actually not bad; there is a microphone for singing and a "guitar controller" which is a little hokey but fun. The kids love it, and they are learning that there is music out there other than that produced by disney - such as this gem from Aerosmith, which is one of the Rock Band "hard" songs:

And just for my brother Rod, the Yardbirds version (w/Jeff Beck):

And this is what you get with the video game. You have to picture this with the whole gang-Jos on the drums, Angelyne singing, Catherine working the bass pedal, me playing the plastic guitar-like thingy...just too funny, and too fun:

Anyhow, that's it for a few days, what with this from the National Weather Service:

From the Marine section from the Area Forecast Discussion
issued at: Oct 21, 2008 4:00 PM HST:
"With the upcoming increase in trade winds, a small craft advisory will may be needed by tomorrow night for the usual windier zones. The current forecast package would keep advisory level winds through Thursday. There will be a series of small south swells throughout the forecast period keeping heights above background levels. East facing shores will continue to see short period choppy surf with the heights heights expected to occur at times when the trades are at there strongest."

Strong winds...south swells...no work until Friday...a new sailboard called the "Rocket"...you know where I'll be. Cancer recovery kicks all kinds of a$$.